How to Make Glow Stick Goo.




Introduction: How to Make Glow Stick Goo.

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Ever wonder how that two part solution works or if you can make your own? The answers are in here.

Step 1: You Will Need....

Chemicals Required:
Sodium Hydroxide (lye)You can use "Red Devil" drain cleaner or buy it on eBay.

Luminol, also available on eBay.

Hydrogen Peroxide (3% drugstore variety)

Sodium Ferrocyanide, also known as tetrasodium hexacyanoferrate or sodium hexacyanoferrate (II), is
(of course) also available on eBay.

Container to mix in. DO NOT USE METAL!!! They may react with the sodium hydroxide. Especially aluminium.
Generally this in non toxic, but that isn't an excuse for abuse!

Step 2: Solution A:

1. Mix 5 grams of Sodium Hydroxide in 1000 ml of water.

2. When thoroughly mixed & dissolved, pour some of this solution in a small (50 ml) beaker and add 0.1 grams of Luminol. Luminol is difficult to dissolve so to help, tilt the small beaker to one side so the Luminol powder sinks to one side. With a glass rod or popsicle stick, keep smashing the Luminol powder until it all goes into solution.

3. When the Luminol is finally dissolved, pour the contents of the small beaker into the rest of the Sodium Hydroxide solution. This is your completed 'Solution A'.

Step 3: Solution B:

1. Mix 10 ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (regular drug store variety) in 1000 ml of water. Add in 0.25 grams of Sodium Ferrocyanide until dissolved. This is your completed 'Solution B'.

Step 4: TA DA!

Mix the two in a dark room and Give a general description of the Step it will begin to glow!OOOOOOOO! However, the aformentioned formula will glow blue in color. The camera I used is very old and it dosent replicate color very well in low light conditions.



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    You should mention that if you add any strong acids to any ferrocyanide salt it will release hydrogen cyanide which will result in instant death!!! Normally non toxic the warning about mixing it with acids is a MUST!

    Um Darkroom with low light output 20 to 25 lux is prefered. Light can degrade the luminol. I have recently bought this from a supplier.

    Here are some suggestions perhaps you should say that Luminol is light sensitive and must be performed under ice with gloves. Give more warnings about the chemicals that are used. Luminol is extremely sensitive to contamination.

    almost any store except clothing and toy stores has it drug stores have to have it. it always comes in a dark bottle that blocks light cause it is light sensitive

    peroxide breaks down when exposed to light and it will become ineffective and not capable of doing its job

    Any Pharmacy/Chemist/Druggest/Apothacary or grocery store. You will find it in the first aid section.

    PLEASE HELP! Can someone tell me whats the purpose of each chemical. Im doing this for a chemistry experiment. Any technical info would be great, thanks.

    You need a fluorescent dye to change the colour - you can buy fluorescene cheaply (for yellow) or can probably use the dye from a fluorescent highlighter pen.

    Also, if you have any old glow-sticks, the glow may be exhausted but you could probably re-use the solution to colour your luminol reaction.

    well, maybe it would be a better idea to think in terms of fireworks? Phosphorus and such would be more likely

    It's the complexed metal that you need - in this case iron.

    You don't specifically need Ferrocyanide - they use luminol as a test for the iron in blood (if you ever watch CSI). Something like "sequestered iron" that you buy for plants would almost certainly work equally well, but you do need something (assuming you don't want to open an artery).

    Duh, where can I get sum water? You mean the stuff from the toilet? Huh, huh, huh. I betcha Mine will glow if I set a match to it...

    Would it be weird to do this as a high school chem. experiment? We get to choose our last one and i'm looking for something cool...