How to Make Homemade Applesauce With a Food Mill

Introduction: How to Make Homemade Applesauce With a Food Mill

Step 1: Obtain Apples

Obtain an obnoxious quantity of apples from a neighborhood tree
I had 4 large trash bags full of crab apples

This is the ultimate in Reuse Reduce Recycle, and fresh whole food with no preservatives never hurt either.

Once you get them home, wash and chop into large regular size pieces

Step 2: Get Ready for Hours of Fun

Get everything ready before begin

Wash and assemble and test your food mill

1 or 2 large pots of boiling water going with either a pasta insert, or a large slotted spoon to remove apples.

reserve counter space for a prep station to wash and chop apples

Get  large bowls to collect the goodness

Get the storage medium ready, I made apple leather in a dehydrator and frozen apple sauce in quart freezer bags.

you could also core and slice and dehydrate for apple chips

Step 3: Cut and Wash

 All of the next steps are performed at the same time, we ended up cutting faster than we could cook and mill, but didn't want to keep cut apples around to brown in the time it took to finish a batch.

Step 4: Cook and Mill

1 person could cut wash and cook the apples while the other person could spoon the apples out of the boiling water, drain them and mill them, let them cool a little because the're much to hot to handle with your hands.

Step 5: Preserve and Store

 We seasoned with a non sugar sweetener  and cinnamon for dehydrating made a batch with mashed banana added.

All of the sauce that was frozen was unsweetened for later use

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