How to Make It Look Like You Can Draw Well on the Computer




would you like to impress your friends and make it look like you can draw awesome pictures on the computer, heres how!

note: these pictures are not going to be SUPER AWESOME, but if you CANNOT draw for you life, then this will help.

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Step 1: Get the Goods

ok for this you will need a (Free) program called "Ghost Mouse 2.0" if you have it great, if you do not, i added it to my server (I have a very low bandwidth count, so if it says i have exceeded it, just use google) but its here anyway:

Step 2: Get a Pic

Locate a picture you would like to draw/duplicate in this case it will be a picture of a skull.

Step 3: Trace

now, open Ghost Mouse, and open you picture in your favorite image viewer (Windows Fax Viewer works fine). click record on ghost mouse, and trace the edges of your image, remember to click (and hold) where you want it to draw. where ever you are not clicking it will not draw a line. when you are done click stop on ghost mouse (ghost mouse has a time limit to the time you can record, but its pretty long)

Step 4: Drawing

Open up your favorite image editor/drawing tool (MS Paint works fine) and pick your background color (with the bucket) then take out the pencil and choose your color. In ghost mouse, go to File->Options and enable "Playback Speed Adjust" and put it as high as you can. click play and watch it draw the image.

Note: Sometimes it will go out of the drawing boundaries, try moving stuff around (EX: the color box) so it will increase the drawing boundaries.

Another Note: while its drawing you can shake the mouse a bit to create spike lines on the drawing, this looks cool in some images.

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    8 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I used a method similar to this to impress my parents. I started off with an image from the web, then instead of using Scary Mouse, I used a Printer, printed out the image, and told my parents I'd painted it. I scanned my original work of art (see below). Not bad huh!

    5 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    sounds good! my parents know i can't draw so, when i use ghost mouse, you can make it look like someone drew it XD.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    its a sideways face, its squinting XD its kinda like "lol" but a face.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    lol nice, i knew a guy that use to do that, he'd print them off, or he'd steal his brother'sketch book, claiming that he can't draw when people are around. what a load of bs. lol, i hope you didnt show them the mona lisa