How to Make Led Lamp to Save Dollars





Introduction: How to Make Led Lamp to Save Dollars

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Replace old incandescent bulb with leds,homemade led lamp made of 8 pieces 1 watt leds connected in serial array,one array have 5 leds,other have 3 leds.Total 8 watts of led light replace about 60 watts  incandescent light.

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    Very nice! Where would you get those LED's I am not that great with electronics so how would i determine what power these need and the resistors needed.


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    The leds are 1w each and i have buy from ebay,1w leds work on 3.3v and pull about 300mah current,on google there is led calculator for single and serial schematic.

    Where can we find this LED calculator? Also, how do we make daylight (5000K + brightness) led lights?

    Hi! I want to replace a 40w florescent tube light in my kitchen with more or same amount of light as the tube rod from 220v AC. kindly enlighten my way.

    I havent done the thing but im sure the paste is Epoxy glue, or A B glue, you must mix the two then use as normal glue, super hard.
    I also use glue gun to glue my LED, no problem so far friend!