How to Make Letters F and X With Pvc

Making these letters with Pvc pipe and Pvc connectors

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Step 1:

Get materials such as pvc pipe, cutter and a ruler 

Step 2:

Get your connectors you will need a 90 degree one, a tee connector, and a 4 way connector

Step 3: To Build the Letter F

- With pvc cutter cut one piece of pvc pipe into 6 inches then connect that to the 90 degree connector
- Then with the cutter again cut another piece of pvc pipe into 3 inches
- After that connect one end to the 90 degree connector and the other to the tee connector
-Take your pvc cutter again and then cut another 3 inch piece of pipe and connect that to the far end of the tee connector
- Lastly once again cut a 3 inch piece of pvc pipe and connect it to the bottom end of the tee connector

Step 4: How to Build X With Pvc

- With the Pvc cutter cut 4 five inch pieces of Pvc pipe out
- Connect the 4 pieces to the 4 ends of the connector

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