How to Make Mango Tree Style Mehndi Design



Mehndi designs for hands are generally very intricate if it is bridal mehndi design, a bit spaced out for Arabic and floral designs. But in all these types of patterns, a common design made is the mango tree design. The mango shape is used a lot in all mehndi designs as the mango season beginning in March signifies auspicious time for marriages. Most marriages happen between the months of March and May in India. All traditional forms of bridal mehndi have this element in it.

Some people find creating these bridal mehndi designs very complicated as they are made intricately but in real, it is extremely easy. The basics is to create main figures and borders at the start and then start filling each shape one after the other by either adding loops, dots, concentric circles or shading. This video tutorial shows how a beautiful wedding mehndi design based on the mango tree design can be made in minutes. Just follow the instructions in the video step by step.

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