How to Make Maze Use C++

Introduction: How to Make Maze Use C++

It's just a algorithm,the file is C++ algorithm source program not include MFC files but you should port it in the MFC of VS2010

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    OK, here's a C program to create a maze:

    I didn't write the maze generation algorithm; I pinched it from - and I take my hat off to
    the crazy genius who wrote it. Non-recursive, top-to-bottom
    generation. Wow.

    Here's the underlying code...

    char M[3],A,Z,E=40,J[40],T[40];main(C){for(*J=A=scanf("%d",&C);
    -- E; J[ E] =T
    [E ]= E) printf("._"); for(;(A-=Z=!Z) || (printf("\n|"
    ) , A = 39 ,C --
    ) ; Z || printf (M ))M[Z]=Z[A-(E =A[J-Z])&&!C
    & A == T[ A]
    |6<<27<rand()||!C&!Z?J[T[E]=T[A]]=E,J[T[A]=A-Z]=A,"_.":" |"];}

    (It might look better at )

    Alternatively, try this:

    #define P(X)j=write(1,X,1)
    #define C 39
    int M[5000]={2},*u=M,N[5000],R=22,a[4],l[]={0,-1,C-1,-1},m[]={1,-C,-1,C},*b=N,
    c|1<<s;M[*d++=e]=f|1<<(s+2)%4;}else e=d>b++?b[-1]:e;}P(" ");for(s=C;--s;P("_")
    )P(" ");for(;P("\n"),R--;P("|"))for(e=C;e--;P("_ "+(*u++/8)%2))P("| "+(*u/4)%2

    (See )