How to Make Oobleck (at Home)



How to make oobleck its easy and lots of fun i know becaus ive made it before, in fact i just made some now

Step 1: Step 1 Ingrediants

 This is how its done you'll need
-A big bowl
-1 Cup or so of water
-1 cup of corn starch
-Food coloring by choice
-perfume by choice
-And a big wooden or metal spoon (no plastic it breaks very easily)

Step 2: Step 2

Ok so what you do is you pour a cup of corn starch in the bowl and then pour the water in slowly while mixing

Contents may be hard to stir thats how you know its done

Add food coloring and mix slow

You may need to wait a few minutes to put perfume
when you add the food coloring and perfume mix slowly for about 2 more minutes

Then you play with it!

Warning: do not eat contents it will make you sick



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