How to Make Origami CD Sleeve or What to Do If You Do Not Have Free Empty CD Case.




Introduction: How to Make Origami CD Sleeve or What to Do If You Do Not Have Free Empty CD Case.

Sometimes we burn discs to our friends and colleagues. But not always we have free CD case available. What to do? The idea is easy - make origami CD sleeve from standard A4 paper.
Following instructions will show how to create origami CD yourself.

Step 1: Prepare the Software Tools

Step 2: Edit the CD Sleeve

Create and Origami CD project and type a title and few words about the disc.

Step 3: Print the Printout

Print the printout on standard A4 format paper.

Step 4: Assembly the Sleeve # 1

Turn the printout down and fold the left and right sides inside.

Step 5: Assembly the Sleeve # 2

Fold the bottom side inside and insert a disc.

Step 6: Assembly the Sleeve # 3

Fold the corners.

Step 7: Assembly the Sleeve # 4

Fold the top side.

Step 8: Assembly the Sleeve # 5

Put the top side into the bottom side.
Congratulations, your own origami CD sleeve is ready!



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    10 Discussions

    I don't know if this is a new "feature" or not, but the software won't print the sleeve without adding a huge watermark unless you buy the full version.

    Is there a mac version?? I didn't look if there was I just used WineBottler to make it mac.

    Could you provide the dimensions of the marks, please? For those that was to just draw it freehand or don't have the program or whatever...

    I was looking for something like this for a CD I burned for my daughter not long ago.  Thanks!

    Excellent little applet!
    And for those of us stuck in the US without a readily available source of A4 paper, it also seems to work just fine using US letter size paper!

     100% good instructable! That little bit of software is going to see quite a bit of use here. Thank you.

    One of the best programs for making sleeves.
    I might add that you can put your own images on the front that can be cropped right from the program. The text boxes are also movable and can be rotated so a track listing can be added to the front.

    I knew how to do these but templates were hard to make in word ! thanks for the piece of software link