How to Make Origami Water Bomb Base

Introduction: How to Make Origami Water Bomb Base

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Water bomb base also known as Paper Balloon base is a traditional fold . It is also the fundamental base for many origami designs.If you have made water bomb you already know how to make water bomb base if not , after learning waterbomb base you can go on our water bomb instruction page to learn this famous origami design.
With the help of waterbomb base we can we can make Origami Lily, Origami Angelfish, easy crab and inflatable goldfish. Let's start.

Step 1: Water Bomb Base : Step 1

Start with an origami paper ( a square sheet ) . Colour side should be up . Make a valley fold along the dashed line , crease well and unfold.

Step 2: Water Bomb Base: Step 2

Now make a valley fold along the dashed line ( perpendicular and Bisector of previous crease) , and unfold

Step 3: Water Bomb Base : Step 3

Flip paper , and make a valley fold along the diagonal ( Triangle fold) , make a crease and unfold paper..

Step 4: Water Bomb Base : Step 4

Now make another valley fold along the diagonal and unfold...

Step 5: Water Bomb Base : Step 5

Flip paper , now from this side we should have valley fold along the diagonal , and mountain fold on horizontal bisector , paper should be well creased , and push it along the arrow , it should collapse easily and you will get your water bomb base.

So now you have made your water bomb base, now you can move on to make awesome origami designs with it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Good instructable! When I learned how to do this back in grade school, we used to make them out of candy-wrappers, fill them up with water at water-fountains and then throw them at each other-- they really DO make great waterbombs!