How to Make Pancake




Hello, my name is Khalid Alamoudi
I will give you how to make Pancake


Milk Powder



Baking Powder



And a little water

Step 1: Put Flour and Egg in Bowl

-Some of flour

Almost 5 tablespoons

- One egg

Step 2: Put Oil

Some of the oil
Almost half a cup

Step 3: Place the Milk Powder

Almost 3 tablespoons

Step 4: Place Vanilla

Little vanilla

Very few

Step 5: Put Baking Powder

Little baking powder

Step 6: Put Sugar

Almost two tablespoons

Step 7: Put Water

Almost half a cup

Step 8: Mix the Ingredients

Mix the ingredients in one direction

Wait until become sticky

Step 9: Like This

Step 10: Place the Skillet on the Oven and Set Fire

Step 11: Put Oil

Step 12: Wipe the Oil to the Skillet With a Tissue

Step 13: Place the Ingredients on the Skillet

Step 14: And , Do It , Like This

Step 15: Wait for Some Time

Wait a few minutes

Step 16: Turn Ingredients

Step 17: For Like This

Step 18: Bring a Dish Is Empty

Put some of sugar on the dish

Step 19: Put Pancake on the Dish

Step 20: Place Some Sugar Over The

Step 21: Cut the Pancake Into Four Sections

Step 22: The Final Form

Enjoy it, you can add some ingredients above pancake

some like chocolate



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