How to Make Photographic 'light-paintings'

‘Light-painting’ is a photographic technique which uses a source of light to draw an image in the air whilst taking a long-exposure photograph. By capturing the light from a moving source, you're able to create an image which shows its motion over time. In the 1940's, photographer Gjon Mili attached lights to the boots of ice-skaters to demonstrate the movement of their bodies and they gracefully glide around the ice. This video demonstrates a recreation of those photographs, using modern photographic techniques. To find out how to make your own light-paintings, check out the video here & tweet any pictures you take to the At-Bristol Science Centre.




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    3 years ago

    This is something I have been interested in, but I'm not seeing a link to the video mentioned.

    2 replies

    Hi JPenne, the video should be embedded
    above, but since I'm still a newbie here on Instructables I apologise if
    I've missed something. I'll add a hyperlink to the description of the
    activity above, or you can watch the full video here:

    Thanks, Ross.