How to Make Playing Card Case Out of Stickers, and Just About Anything Else.

Introduction: How to Make Playing Card Case Out of Stickers, and Just About Anything Else.

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Pretty simple, and very easy to do. This is what you will need:
-Stickers, you can use about just any type of stickers, I had a lot left over.
-Box Cutter, cuts thicker portions, and cuts the air bubbles easier if needed.
-DVD box
-Your imagination 

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Step 1: The Case Sides+Bottom

I like to thank the guy/chick who made this case, it gave me the idea to make one.
So this is what you do guys, as in the link above you want to cut out the size of your cards. So get a DVD case, then with the Box cutter or and thing else you can use, scratch around the card on the DVD box.

Measure the length, and the width is your choice on how big you want it, you know the wider the more cards you can hold. 

Then, (I wish I took pictures of me making it) like in the link above, you want to lay our your stickers out, then lay the cut outs on the stickers, but before so, you want to lay them in the pattern to fold them in( Front, Side, Back, Side). Make sure after you fold your case, to add more stickers to hold it better. You can also layer your stickers front and inside of the case to give more reinforcement.( More reinforcement, means you have to work on the inside a little more, but the reinforcement is not needed).

Now comes the bottom, lazy man way to do it, fold up what you have, then trace around the case on the outside. Then sticker it up from the outside. Cut off the extra.

Here is a good tip to remember when you add your stickers! Make sure to cut in the corners and the side of the sticker so that it folds on the sides of the case. Also layering the stickers can help cover the case more as well as adding more strength to the hold of the case.

Step 2: The Case Lid

This is my favorite part, reason being is because there are multiple ways to do this in a cool fashion, this of course is the first case I made for myself, but I found the second one I made for my friend came out way better, and I came up with a different lid.

I am going to tell you how to make the basic lid first, but if you want to check out the different styles they will be below this.

Basic Lid: From the picture it is hard to tell but I made it from 3 parts. First part of the lid you want to do the same step as we did for the bottom. This part will be the cover of the lid, then we will have the front shut, and the back supporting the lid. The front shut, and the back part can be smaller than the cover of the lid, just as long as it's width and length are big enough to support it. ( What I did was took the cover, then copy the size x2, used one for the front, and cut the other in half for the supporter in the back). After all that sticker them on front and inside, then attach your back side of the lid to the case. There is your Lid.
(One other thing that you can do in different ways is the seal for the Lid, I made a tab out of the stickers, and used the sticky side of one to seal the case). "Velcro works best I think, or maybe even a cloth lid with a button".

Top Side Lid: Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the other case, but this way of making the lid is similar to making the basic lid. You want to follow all of the above steps in making the basic lid, but do them SIDE WAYS. So the lid fits the "sides", rather then the Basic Lid.

More Ideas: You can try to also make the lids on the sides of the case as well, so they open up like a book holder.Also later on I am going to try to make one where you make two cases, but the sides are open and you can slide them into each other. The ideas are endless.

Step 3: Now Your Done, But Wait.

This should hold you over for quite some time. But I promote creativity in this so try to make yours unique, if can not think of anything to make them out of other than mine try these.

-Duck Tape
-Pattern Stickers
-Card board

Thanks for reading, hope it helps :)

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