How to Make Portable Speakers With PET Bottles

Introduction: How to Make Portable Speakers With PET Bottles

Environment-friendly and cheaper alternative

• One can make his/her own speakers without buying expensive ones from the electronics store. Just look for old desktop or stereo speakers (preferrably with a diameter of approx. 2.5 inches).
• The speakers can be utilized either indoors or outdoors due to its compact size and ease of use.

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Step 1: STEP 1

Step 1
• Gather the following materials:
     1. two (2) small speakers (with a diameter of approximately 2.5 inches) attached to a 3.5mm jack
     2. wire cutter
     3. scissors
     4. cutter
     5. small Phillips screwdriver
     6. two (2) identical PET bottles with a diameter of 2.5 inches on their widest inner area on the top halves

Step 2: STEP 2

Step 2
• Use the cutter to slice the bottle into two.
• The horizontal ridges on the top half of the bottle can be used as guides. One can adjust where to cut according to his/her requirements.

Step 3: STEP 3

Step 3
• Remove the bottle cap. Detach the wires from the  one of the speakers with the scissors.
• Insert the wires  of the other speaker through the neck of the bottle and carefully pull them out of the mouth, with the speaker’s front facing the open bottom of the top half of the bottle.

Step 4: STEP 4

Step 4
• If there are any sharp edges on the metal support of the speakers, slowly fold them inwards with the wire cutter. Fit each speaker snugly on the top ridge, near the neck of the bottle.

Step 5: STEP 5

Step 5
• Using the cutter, cut through the center of the bottle caps with one horizontal line and the other one vertical, forming a “+” sign. Slowly pull outwards the four flaps that were formed by the cuts. Insert the wires through the caps,  and twist the latter back on the necks of the bottles.
• Reattach the other speaker to the cut wires.

Step 6: STEP 6

• The speakers are ready for use.

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