How to Make Rubber Band Gun

Introduction: How to Make Rubber Band Gun

Materials needed:

1-Two pencils




5-Rubber bands

Step 1: Pencils

You need two pencils.

Step 2: Cut One of the Pencil

Cut one of the pencils in the half with the knife but cut it as shown in the pictures.......and you probably need a notebook to cut the pencil on it.

Step 3: Cut the Top of the Other Pencil

Bring the other pencil then cut it, as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Be Sure

Be sure that the rubber band fits in the cut that you made in the pencil.

Step 5: Stick the Parts

Stick the parts together with some Glue, or Hot Glue.

But be careful how you put the parts together,, look at the pictures.

And you might scratch that part of the other pencil the red one for the glue to stick to it well.

Step 6: Cover the Gun With Tape

Covering the gun with the tape, gives the gun a nice looking, I covered it with green tape, or you can cover it with what color you want.

Step 7: Rubber Bands

All you need now is some Rubber bands.

Step 8: Load Some Rubber Bands

How to load some Rubber bands:

1-Put the rubber band in the cutted part.

2-Pull the rubber band to back.

3-Stop the Rubber band with your thumb.

4-To shoot release.

Step 9: Load Without Shooting

If you want just to load rubber bands without shooting. load some rubber bands but don't stop it with your thumb stop it at the back of the gun,,

you can load about 10 Rubber bands

If you want to shoot pull the rubber band then stop it with your thumb then release to shoot.

Step 10: Done

The Rubber band gun is finished

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Step 11: Shooting

Here's some video.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! This looks like fun. Thanks for sharing your rubber band gun!