How to Make Rubberband Gun (NO K'NEX NEEDED)




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Rubberband guns (RBGs); the epitome of improvised weapons, carbine or garand, pistol or rifle. so many options lie with this weapon, but unfortunately people here are obsessed with K'NEX (personally I hate it, it has a high tendency of falling apart and breaking). so i will teach you how to make a RBG out of wood or metal (whichever is readily available).

I will use the example of a crucifix shaped gun called the punisher. It is weilded by Nicholas D. Wolfwood in the 1998 anime hit Trigun.

Step 1: Front Nook

Every good rubberband gun needs two places to hold the rubber band. this end will permanently* define the calibre (caliber if youre american) it should be at the end of your wood (pic 1) or halfway through (pic 2).

"slingshot" style sticks may be put there if you want raised firing arcs.

*open to interpretation, the trigger also defines the caliber too.

Step 2: Trigger Mechanism

now for the hardest part. there are two ways to do this: Carbine or Garand (and yes that is based directly on M1 styles). garands can go only 1 shot at a time, carbines have the ability to do several semi auto style but its far harder to make (better to buy one on E-bay or something).

ther design plan for a garand is below. it's exaggerated to fit my crucifix. you must create a hole for it to fit in. if possible cross-section it, put it together, then put the side back on.

Step 3: Optional: Sand and Whittle It Down.

as far as i've gone, all wve made is a block of wood that flings RB at high velicity. you might want ot sand it down and cut it so it looks like your favourite gun.

It didnt apply to me; all i needed to do was nail in another block of wood .!



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    valkiraunFlash Gordon

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 1

     Yeah, Its a screw I ended up putting there as a tester. The gun's a beta, a lead in. Made it back when i was in year eight.

     That's how I roll...
    I don't hate K'nex that much... I just hate how people spam the same 'structable over and over in different shapes and iterations and somehow seam to feasibly think that it's their own creation. I also hate how they also assume that there is an unlimited supply of k'nex to everywhere in the world.
    I also hate, flimsy weapons and improvised designs that fall apart SO easily, which pretty much constitutes k'nex (and Lego, although lego was designed for easy destructability, k'nex wasn't).
    I'm not "bashng" K'nex, I approve it's existence without terms. just the ideals of some structablers here.... argh!


    9 years ago on Introduction

     Guys, As a little note, this gun was a beta. an experiment to see if I could make an effective RubberBand Gun.
    I did all of this as a year 8 student, at the age of 12
    This design may possibly soon be remade (once I finish the design) in the form of one of the most powerful hand-weapon concepts ever: a Railgun (I'm not joking).

    The Gun's name Acrux Is already taken. If anybody sees a stupid little kiddies' design, or a k'nex gun or anything stealing this name, report it for theft. (I am aware of Acrux being a gun from the armored core series. Thats where i got it from)
    The Crcifix design, I found, is perfect for a railgun, whils als oremaining an effective shock-and-awe tool. I'm in year 12, 16 years old, and I've nearly finished designing the first effective railgun.
    Wish me luck, and you may just get the design... through mysterious means.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It is weilded by Nicholas D. Wolfwood in the 1998 anime hit Trigun.

    I wouldn't call that a hit.....