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Remember back when we were kids, how wonderful it was sitting around a campfire, toasting marshmallows and making s'mores? Well, we can have that again. After considerable pain and effort on my part, I have managed to put together a little step-by-step guide for making s'mores in the comfort of your own home. As you read this, try to appreciate all the effort the adults in your life went through to give us such a small pleasure.

Step 1: Chips

As you know, s'mores are made up graham crackers, chocolate or carob (if you are allergic), and marshmallows. We will start by obtaining the chocolate or carob, as that tends to last longer.

First, prepare your tools

Step 2: Chips

Second, head to the chip mine. The nearest to me is Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Step 3: Chips

Third, take the ore home for refinement.

Step 4: Chips

Lastly, sift out the low-quality sugar, and pick out the chips for use later.

Step 5: Marshmallows

Now, we go on to gathering the marshmallows:

Visit the marsh and collect all you see. The best time for collection is morning or evening, in the Spring.

Note: The ones that grow near the grasses have better flavor, but the ones that grow near the muck are more moist, this means that they'll melt better when you cook them.

Step 6: Marshmallows

Lastly, remember that marshmallows can spoil in marsh, so check for any overripe ones and separate them from the rest.

Step 7: Bears

The last component is that of the graham crackers. Luckily, my house has a bit of an infestation of graham bears, so these were fairly easy. What follows is some advice on the best places to lay bear traps.

Bears like sugar and honey, so this is a good place to set traps.

Step 8: Bears

Bears like nuts. I baited this one with an almond, and put it near the other nuts.

Step 9: Bears

Bears like berries and music. I played "Waltzing with Bears" in this trap.

Step 10: Bears

To catch many bears at once, you have to set up a teddy bears' picnic. It takes more work, however, picnics are very effective.

Step 11: Prep

Next is the preparation part. This takes some work, but if you just follow the steps, it should be fairly straightforward.

Separate the gimpy ones.

Step 12: Prep

Bears tend to move quickly and wiggle, you have to stun them so they're easier to handle.

Step 13: Prep

Tie bears together with chips and marshmallows. The tie is needed, as they tend to wake up during the cooking process. Things can get pretty messy pretty quickly.

Step 14: Prep

Close up of the tie. As you can see, you don't need to use fancy knots, as bears have no thumbs, so they can't untie them anyway.

Step 15: Cook

Cook on high for one second per s'more, or one half-second per bear.

Step 16: End

As you can see, some marshmallows are meltier than others. You have to pick your own balance between juiciness and flavor.

This is what a fully cooked s'more looks like. If you cooked longer, the chip would have melted too, but that would make the marshmallow too melty. Experiment to find your own balance.



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      12 years ago on Introduction

      An unprecedented degree of food documentation! Gathering your ingredients from wild sources is too often overlooked.

      However, the chip mines near me have been dangerously depleted by environmentally unfriendly overharvesting, and foreign sources (often called "conflict chips" or "blood chips") can have dubious ethical origin.

      Is there a good, reliable source of farmed or synthetically-produced chips? I live near San Francisco, and local sources (Ghiradelli and Scharffenberger) claim to be eco-friendly- is this true?

      Also, I too am dubious about the bears. May I substitute ginger-flavored cookie cats instead? What if my friends have pet allergies- which would you recommend?

      2 replies

      Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

      There are numerous sources for the chip, though it is best to mine your own for freshness. In fact, here are some college kids in your area going into a nearby mine. You can buy the synth chips in many places, but I recommend going to natural food stores. They tend to make sure that the chips are created out of all natural ingredients. Sadly, in addition to the blood chips problem, there are also unscrupulous companies that make chips out of crude oil. The natural food stores do the research and avoid them, so you don't have to.

      Regarding the ginger-flavoured cookie cats, it would work, but cats are MUCH harder to trap than bears. In fact, between that and the pet allergies, they're really not worth the effort. What you can do, however, is ask your local zoos to donate the older animal crackers (that would be euthanized anyway), and have your friends pick the ones to which they are not allergic.


      7 years ago on Introduction

      I'm going to make some s'mores... :) thanks for this wonderful instructions

      'Animal crackers in my soup
      Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop
      Gosh oh gee but I have fun
      Swallowing animals one by one'  (song from Shirley temple movie)

      Dear guppie,
      What a wonderful Instructable.  Where I live, the  kids in grade 8 are learning how to write directions in their english class.  I want to show their teacher your fabulous and fun writing!!


      9 years ago on Step 16

      If you have ever won a prize for this 'ible, it was well deserved, great work! :-)


      12 years ago on Introduction

      BEARS ARE LIVING CREATURES! THAT IS CRUEL! Bears in a microwave. Honestly, what is wrong with you?

      3 replies

      Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

      Yes, I have apparently been reported to PETA. ... I wonder if I can microwave them too?


      10 years ago on Introduction

      i dont think there are many mines around here but our huose is a bear nest!!!!!!!!! Great instructo!!!!!!


      10 years ago on Introduction

      I'm not allowed to go looking for the marshmallows any more... last time I did I took home Australia, and that wasn't too tasty, believe me.


      10 years ago on Introduction

      Great job!! When we went to mine for chocolate, we couldn't find any. But on the way back we came across a chocolate frosting river!! We grabbed a cup full and used the frosting instead! YUM!!! We noticed a few different rivers so if you are allergic to chocolate, try cream cheese, strawberry or other flavors of frosting!! What a great Instructable!!!


      10 years ago on Introduction

      Or, you can heat up chocolate in a bowl. throw in roasted marshmallows and some chrushed up graham cracker bears, and you have a tasty smores bowl dessert thing... i don't know but maybe I will make that an instructable.

      4 replies

      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      Yes, or you can just lick it clean, and then try putting gummy bears as a protective lining, then chocolate, and marshmallows untop so it looks like this very detailed drawing.