How to Make Scrapbook With Picture Collage Maker

Introduction: How to Make Scrapbook With Picture Collage Maker

Life happens fast, a scrapbook can help you capture telling moments before they slip away. You will want a digital scrapbooking software that will help you create exceptional photo book quickly and easily. You can save the scrapbook as image files, set as desktop wallpaper,email or print it to share with friends and family.

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Step 1:

Download, install and launch Picture Collage Maker Pro, It is a simple-to-use Windows program that can help you making collagesin a few clicks.

Step 2: Add Your Photos to the Project.

In the Photo Pane on the left, find the folder where the photos you want to add are located and the photos will be shown in thumbnails list below, then just drag each photo in thumbnails list to your collage or double click it. Btw, you can adjust the photos by resizing and rotating them.

Step 3: Adding Text & Clipart to Project.

On the Collage menu, click Add Text to add text your collage. To get the best effect, you can set the font and color of the words to be added as you wish.
Open Clipart Pane .You can see the list of Cliparts in the left part of Picture Collage Maker window. Double click a clipart to add it to the current project. There is an assortment of images for you to make choices.

Step 4: Apply Background Patterns to Collage.

Open Background Pane and Double click a background to apply it to the current collage.

Step 5: Add New Page.

On the very right part, you can see a Page Pane, now please click add page, a new blank page will be created. Want to edit it? Yes, we can just go ahead to edit the page just by clicking the new page.

Step 6: Save Project As JPEG File or Print.

On the File menu, click Save Collage as Picture and specify a folder on your hard disc to save current collage project as a image file. Or you can choose Print Preview on the File menu, and print the photo book you've just made.

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    3 years ago

    Nice tutorial, thx to author, i have also tried RonyaSoft Poster Designer, which includes a collage maker, here the link

    works awesome.