How to Make Scrumptious Scones of the Cranberry-orange Variety




Introduction: How to Make Scrumptious Scones of the Cranberry-orange Variety

This set of instruction will teach you how to make delicious cranberry orange scones, perfect for your random holiday brunch or just as something to treat yourself with. This is a pretty easy task, but is recommend for those that have some type of kitchen knowledge. This task well take about 30-40 minutes to complete.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Kitchen tools:

Zester or micro plane, box grater (optional), whisk (optional), knife, Large mixing bowl, small mixing bowl, baking sheet, knife

Measuring cups:

1/3 cup, 1 cup, ½ cup

Measuring spoons

1 Teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon, ½ teaspoon


All purpose Flour, 2 oranges white Sugar, baking powder, baking soda, plain sour cream or heavy cream, salt, butter 1 stick , 1 egg, dried cranberries or fresh if on hand, non stick spray

Step 2: Making the Orange-sugar Mixture

In an medium/large bowl mix 1/3 cup of sugar and use the zester to zest the orange and mix together until you can smell the orange in the sugar and the sugar is moist

a. Tip: use your hands to mix the sugar and orange mixture together

Step 3: Combining the Dry Ingredients Plus Butter

1. Add the 2 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, ½ teaspoon of salt and combine to the sugar mixture.

2. Cut the butter into very small pieces and add to the sugar- flour mixture and mix with your hands until the mixture becomes a very coarse powder i.e. the mixture should feel like sand.

Tip: Freeze and use a grater to grate the butter so it is easier to mix; frozen butter is a lot easier to manage and doesn't melt like room temperature butter.

Step 4: Adding the Wet

1. Mix together the 1 egg and ½ cup of sour cream in a small bowl until the mixture is smooth and uniform

a. Tip: Use a whisk to completely mix the egg-cream together to make it uniform and smooth. Also if you don’t have plain sour cream on hand you can use heavy cream as a substitute.

2. Adding the egg- cream mix to the sugar-flour mix, combine the two together until the dough begins to form. Add in a ½ cup of dried cranberries (or a cup of fresh cranberries). Begin to press the dough on the side of the large bowl until a ball form.

b. Tip: in this case add wet (egg cream mix) ingredients to dry (sugar flour mix) ones it will mix better and produce less of a mess

Step 5: Making the Dough

1. Lightly put flour a surface, roll the dough in the flour to the point where is it not so sticky and you can mess with it, and not have doughy fingers.

a. Caution: while raw dough is tasty, this contains egg so do not eat the dough for the sake of salmonella.

b. Tip: if you find yourself with doughy fingers put a little bit of flour in your hands and go back to messing with the dough

2. Pat the dough into a 7-8 inch circle but do not make it flat. Using a knife cut the dough into triangles; arrange the triangles on a baking sheet so that they don’t touch each other.

c. Warming: Knives are sharp mmkay? So be careful when using a knife and don’t cut yourself because it is really easy to.

d. Tip: Finding that your knife is covered in dough and hard to cut the rest of your dough with? Grab a cup of hot water and a paper towel; dip the knife in the water for about 30 seconds and then wipe it clean with the paper towel.

Step 6: Bake Them Scones

1. Place the baking sheet in the oven at 400 degrees and leave it in the oven for 15-18 minutes or until the outside is golden brown.

a. Danger: You can burn your scones, keep watch at your scones check at least every 5-7 minutes.

b. Tip: to make sure your scones are done, grab a toothpick or a fork and stick it in the middle of the scones, pull it out If the toothpick or fork comes out clean the scones are done, if it comes out with crumbs they (the scones still need to cook)

Step 7: Finish It Up

1. Pull them out of the oven once they are done baking and let them cool.

Congrats, you have successfully made cranberry orange scones. Now you can enjoy them in the morning with your coffee or tea, show off to your friends that you are not one of those people than burn water when they cook.

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    Mmm. I love these. It made me hungry just looking at them. Thanks for the recipe.