How to Make Simple 3d Printable Cases for Your Projects in Sketchup

I found that making a cuboid representation of your internals really helps into making the case! any complex project can be represented by simple shapes and you just make the case on top of them! Just look at the video and you will be printing 3d cases in a breeze :)

  1. Get a caliper and something to take notes
  2. Find biggest parts and split them mentally in cuboids, the less cuboids, the better
  3. Keep one point of your object as reference (one point that will touch the case is nice)
  4. All the connectors, jacks, plugs and parts that will be accessible from outside, should pop from the internal representation
  5. Screw holes also will pop as cilinders from your internal model, remember to use the point of reference to make all the positions match with the case's
  6. Componentize all the parts as a minimum of 2 components (internal+shell). In this case I am using 2 shells
  7. Draw the shell using the internal model as your reference for everything, it is really easy thanks to the simplified internal model!
  8. Duplicate your model with the shell components opened and make final touches! Check often the assembled copy you left to keep the consistency
  9. Print it!

Sketchup Plugins
You can also take a peek into the same model I generated in the video:



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