How to Make Simple Rock Candy




Rock candy is easy to make, while tasting excellent. If you want to learn how to make rock candy, you picked the right instructable! I will tell you how to make rock candy, and add flavouring to it.

Step 1: Gather Supplies.

Here is everything you need:

1. Water.

2. A cooking pot.

3. Sugar.

4. (Optional) Flavouring (artificial, or natural, like fruits).

5. A glass.

6. Cotton string.

7. A paperclip.

8. A pencil.

Step 2: Fill the Cooking Pot With Water.

Fill the cooking pot with water, and cook at a medium temperature (don't let it boil too much). Start stirring the water with sugar when the water is starting to boil. This is when you can add fruit juices to it to give some flavour to it. When no more sugar will dissolve, stop putting in sugar.

Step 3: Pour the Saturated Water Into a Glass.

When the water is in the glass, take some cotton string (cotton is highly recommended), and measure it with the glass. Cut it to the same height as the glass. Then, attach a paperclip to the bottom of it, and a pencil to the top. Put the string in the glass with the pencil laying on top (this is to make the string stretch from top to bottom of the glass). Wait a week.

Step 4: Break It Out of the Glass.

You should now have your rock candy! But, you must break it out of the glass. If not, just take it out of the glass.

Step 5: The Science Behind It:

The particle theory of matter states that all matter has empty spaces between the atoms. It also states that when something gets hotter, the atoms move faster and move away from each other, leaving bigger empty spaces between them. So, when you filled up the water with as much sugar as you could, it saturated the water (it filled up the empty spaces completely). So, when you poured the water into the glass, the water began to cool. So, the water molecules wanted to become closer, but the sugar is in the way. The sugar needed to squeeze out of the water to allow the water molecules to become closer. You also had a string and a paperclip. So, the sugar started to stick to that, and make rock candy.



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