How to Make "slide Shoes"(my Way)





Introduction: How to Make "slide Shoes"(my Way)

Hey guys,today I saw a "soap shoes" 'ible and decided to make my own version since I don't have plastic "boards" .Materials:
A couple of eyes
A functioning brain
Lots of thumb tacks
Shoes that you don't mind ruining

Step 1: Flip Your Shoes

Step 2: Insert Thumb Tacks

I decided to use the sides of the holes as marks to put the thumb tacks. You can do one then push with the other like on a skateboard.
P.S:I am not responsible for any injury caused since you decided to make it and use it but if you used it and werent injured,feel free to comment on this 'ible.



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    Craftclarity i will try it but i will thumb tack both shoes first thank for the tip