How to Make Sonic Shoes.

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16 Discussions


7 years ago on Introduction

If I wind up doing this, I think I wanna use a real buckle. I just think it might make them a bit more life-like. Might make a second pair of 'em for my pal who's got one of those Sonic quill hats they gave out when you pre-ordered Sonic Colors. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Circus Bear

8 years ago on Introduction

Why not just sew a strip of white fabric onto red vans and draw a gold buckle with a fabric marker?


8 years ago on Introduction

im totally gonna make these but more functional so i can wear them every day


9 years ago on Introduction

thats tight im going to do this hey and also can u see if u can make knuckles shoes that would be soo tight

sonic has been my fav since i was a litle kid and allways will e. p.s sorry for the incorrect spelling. i am being lazy and don't want to correct it.


10 years ago on Introduction

frekin awesome im going to make a pair right now and wear them back to school along with my diy instructables shirt woo i love this site !!!!!!