How to Make Stop Motions

Introduction: How to Make Stop Motions

this is my instructible on how to make ur own stop motion!

in this instructible i used my china set as a example but u can use any lego set!

os lets show u what u need!


a webcam or digital camera




imovie or windows movie maker


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Step 1: Egassem Siht Erongi ( Read It Backwards :p )

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Step 2: Step 1: Get the Characters Ready

get all ur characters ready for the stop motion. make sure there in good condition cuz u don't want a mini fig walking around with half an arm.

Step 3: Step 2: Get All the Weapons, Items Ect.

ur characters need something to use.

for gorzan i gave him his hammer

for fangar he got his sabre

and stealthor got his diamond tipped gun.

Step 4: Step 3: Get Your Set or Build Ready

if u want a set or a build in this get it.

i used fangars sabre mech and stealthors trike

Step 5: Step 4: Start!

make a story then start with ur film!!!

take a picture then move ur figure

then repeat

and again

and again....

until ur done!

don't move the mini fig too much other wise its blocky.

in this pic hangar is gonna make his mech eat gorzan!

poor poor gorzan :(

Step 6: Step 5: UPLOAD

upload ur photos onto a computer and import them.

Step 7: Step 6: Edit!

go onto windows movie maker or iMovie

and edit the movie so that u have a title a end title sound affects and music!

THEN U R DONE!!!!!!!!!

have fun! :p

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