How to Make Sun Tea.




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Are you like me? do you enjoy a nice, tall, ice-cold glass of Ice tea while you bask in the sun on a warm lazy day??
I thought so =D

but you have to boil all that water! all that energy on something you're just gonna put ice in later!
well this is how you make iced tea without wasting fuel on boiling the water. instead, we use the sun!

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Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together!

this is what you need to make some delicious sun tea.

Water (from tap)
tea bags( I used 1 chai, 1 earl grey, and 5 lipton)
a large pickle jar (the kind that whole pickles come in)

Step 2: Put the Stuff Together!

get fill the jar most of the way with warm water, or hot, doesnt matter, just make sure it isnt cold!
put the tea into the water, close the lid, shake it up a bit. then go outside and leave it in a nice sunny place for a few hours.

Step 3: Enjoy Together!

after a few hours and a few more shakes, pour into a nice big glass with liberal ammounts of ice, add some lemo wedge if you have it, and maybe a straw.

maybe hae some friends over or something?



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      4 Discussions


      9 years ago on Introduction

      This should work great here in Florida! (At least during the summer...)

      M F

      9 years ago on Introduction

      it's best to use fresh leaf tea.
      don't use grocery store tea bags such as lipton.
      lipton buys the left over tea leaves that nobody wants and grinds them up.
      then they add flavoring, coloring, etc. I can taste the fake flavorings .

      1 reply
      gorgo333M F

      Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      Oh how I long for loose tea leaves.
      But I have no idea where I can get some.