How to Make the Chichen Itza (cardboard Model)



Have you wonder how to make the Chichen Itza model out of only cardboard and a little bit of other stuff now you can! what you will need is:

glue or tape



A few block of wood


Step 1: What's First?

the first thing you need to do is to build the platform depending on how big you want the pyramid to be have to be a least some of the grass showing on each corner (the pyramid will be in the middle)

Step 2: Building the Pyramid

If you look at the picture above you will see that it is like a stair case At the points wear there is not stair cases

so we will be cutting out peice by peice that part of the pyramid.

2 for each beside the top use as many as you can until you get to 2 inches tall.

Step 3: How Do We Get the Level of the Pyramid

Well I had trouble figuring out this to so what I did was got about an inch tall wood that was already broken by myself at a taekwondo class and leveled it out that way when I got to the top I couldn't break 1/2 of the already broken 1 inc h wood so I found something smaller to do the 2nd two pieces at the top. So that is how I leveled it out

Step 4: Do We Close Up the Sides?

Yes we do close up the sides how I did it is just made the sides a little bit smaller then the opening,but not too small then it will fall out easily.

Step 5: The Stairs

fold the cardboard like fans and you got your stars!

Step 6: Now Step Back and Enjoy

Now that you have finished your Chichen Itza now it is time you show it to me in the comments, please.



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