How to Make the Perfect Milkshake in Under Five Minutes




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It's coming onto Summer, those good old days when the Ice-Cream truck ditties constantly ring in your head, When you watch your kids sell lemonade at the corner, When you grab your lawn chair, kick back, and relax under the sun with a nice, big, cold... Milkshake? Yes, that's right, folks! Milkshakes are the new lemonade, so I think it's about time I told you how to make one right!

 First of all, you'll need:

1 Vanilla ice cream

2 Dark Chocolate milk

3 Glass

4 Straw

5 Ice Cream Scoop - If you don't have one, either use a spoon, or ask that guy with the big truck and the music.

Once you have the supplies, it's on to the assembly! (Wash your hands!)

1. Start scraping very small chunks of ice cream from the carton, and put them in the glass one by one. Continue until your glass is about half full (Or half empty, to all you pessimists).

2. Pour in chocolate milk until the ice cream bobs to the surface. (Contrary to beliefs, there is a skill to this step. Practice makes perfect!)

3. Be sure to wipe off any spills and put away your supplies before consumption.

Stick in the straw and you're finished. That's right, you're finished already! Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?
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