How to Make the Assassin's Creed Rope Dart!

About: I mainly make weapons and bombs but if you ask for it, I'll try my hardest to get it done. Name: Adam Age: 13 Ethnicity: White, British Sanity level: MJDFKJHGSADHSADHSADJH... Yup that explains it Video editi...

This was really fun to play with, but if you do make it then be very careful because it hurts like hell if this stabs you.. Have fun :)

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    I think it would be more realistic to buy throwing knives (practical ones, not the rainbow colored ones) wrap them with paracord and use an auto retracting fishing reel (throwing knives are surprisingly dull but it's still sharp enough to cut while throwing, so safety gloves are definitely recommended)


    5 years ago

    Maybe you could embed the video here???