How to Make the Best Grilled Cheese.





Introduction: How to Make the Best Grilled Cheese.

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Hungry? Dont want the hassle of ordering pizza and waiting while you stomach groans as if telling you to eat your keyboard? Well, help is HERE!!! Make a satisfying grilled cheese and tell hunger to leave. Serve with some iced tea and this makes a great lunch. Your kids will love it too!

bread. i reccomend whole wheat.
cheese. any kind will do.
serrated knife.
grilled chese maker/ panini press/ mini george foreman grill.

optional items-
iced tea
dried herbs
olive oil.
small bowl.

Step 1: Wash Tomato.

run tomato under water and rub. stop when satisfied.

Step 2: Cut

cut the tomato into slices, and take the seeds out if you want.

Step 3: Season It!

take the dried herbs, im using oregano and basil, the salt, and the olive oil. put some of the olive oil, basil(dried herbs) and a little bit of salt.

the picture is the finishe tomato product. now set them aside.

Step 4: Watch Your Fingers.

cut the cheese into rectangles.

Step 5: Take the Crusts Off

take those darned crusts off.

Step 6: Place the Cheese...

put the cheese on the bread. arrange it so it covers one piece.

Step 7: Add Tomatoes...

add those seasoned tomatoes.

Step 8: Put Some More Cheese

cut one more peice of cheese and break it into smaller bits. place those bits on top of the tomatoes. cut another piece if nessecary.

Step 9: Place Anything Else You Want.

put chicken, or whatever.

Step 10: Plug It In... Plug It In...

plug the grilled cheese maker/ george foreman grill/ panini press/ waffle maker in.(yes, ive done this with a waffle maker)

Step 11: Put Next Slice And...

put the next slice of bread on. and put the sandwich onto the heat source.

Step 12: Let It Melt and Warm Up...finished!

let it grill...mmm...smells so good. After afew minutes, take it out with a spatula and pour that iced tea. finished!!!! :D eat, or store it for later and heat it up in the microwave. but rust me, the are best fresh.

tip:let the tomatoes sit for a few hours, maybe overnight. but in the fridge.

yay! my first instuctable is finished. sorry for the bad photos, i took pictures with my moms phone. please give comments and constructive criticism. i want to know what i did wrong. rate it if it was a good snack!



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    46 Discussions

    Grilled cheese sandwiches have to have butter (or margarine) on the outer crusts before grilling. I melt a small amount in the skillet then grill the sandwich.

    I just put a slice of velveta cheese and some Miracle Whip (not mayo) between 2 slices of bread, butter the outside of the bread and grill in a cast iron skillet.  add a dill pickle and some chips on the side.......heaven.

    if you really like grilled cheese try a peanut butter and chedder grilled cheese. trust me once you try it you will be addicted to its gooey goodness

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    America, have you never heard of a toastie? Same recipe, but you butter the outside of the bread. It might not be as healthy, but it will taste much better. You can do this in a normal grill, I think you call this broiling. Someone help me here... what is broiling? If you put something under a grill, it's grilling, if you boil something it's boiling, what is broiling?????????

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    That's what you do for a normal grilled cheese in a pan, but i don't know how to do that.

    no, broiling is when you just heat from the top of an oven; it heats faster than baking, but there is little or no heat underneath; if you put your oven on broil, you can see; also, since it is hotter than baking, you need to leave the oven door cracked open; closest thing to grilling without a grill, for the most part

    Oh sorry I was falling asleep when I wrote the comment but I make them all the time now but it wasn't caps now that I'm looking at it ??? but again I thank you for this wonderful grilled cheese it is amazing how something so simple is so good keep up the good work.

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    dude u should be on a cooking show you are GOD in cooking i tried the sandwich exactly how u said to make it and it was awesome nice instructable

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    The best grilled cheese is the one you eat with a dill pickle. Take a bite of the grilled cheese, and then a bite of the pickle. It's a party in your mouth, guaranteed!

    grate cheese instead for a very nice melting and toast the inside part first friend told me that secret makes nice grilled cheese thank you georgeforman for a nice panni press=]

    Oh man that sounds delicious. I have my own way of making the greatest grilled cheese sandwich of all time. It has bacon inside of it. That's really all there is to it. Mmm, bacon.

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