How to Make the Double Fishtail Loom Bracelet




Introduction: How to Make the Double Fishtail Loom Bracelet

Hello everyone! In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make the double fishtail bracelet as requested on my bracelet instructable, I hope you like it and have fun making it!

Step 1: Materials

For this bracelwt you will need:
4pins of a loom
Any type of hook
Loom bands in 2 colors
A c or s clip

Step 2: 1st and Last Step

And if you followed correctly the steps it should end up that way ! Hope you liked it and dont forget to ♥ comment, and follow!



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7 Discussions

8/10 for me. What colours do people recommend?

my double fishtail is also color pink and violet also :-) it is my fav. color