How to Make the Fishtail Braclet With a Loom



Introduction: How to Make the Fishtail Braclet With a Loom

grab your materials, you will need......

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Step 1: You Will Need a Loom

you will need the staggered configuration if your using the official rainbow loom.

Step 2: You Will Also Need a Hook

a hook.

Step 3: You Will Also Need Bands

chose your colors, its helpful to have them ready befor you start.

Step 4: Twist....

twist your band on your fingers into a figure eight, then place it on 2 pegs on your loom, go to the next picture to see how it should look

Step 5: It Should Look Like This

Step 6: Now Place,

now place, two regular band on your loom no twisting. just put it regularly on your loom. like that below (or above)

Step 7: Now Grab Your Hook

now grab your hook and go to the figure 8 rubber band take on side and pull it over onto the top of the rubber bands. go to the next picture to see how it should look.

Step 8: It Should Look Like This But You Have to Do Both Sides.

as you can see im takeing the bottom band and placing it over to the top bands, do it to both sides.

Step 9: Now It Should Look Like This

now it should look like this.

Step 10: Now Do It Untill Its Long Enough

now you repeat the steps untill the end, so he is the second loop, now just keep doing it till its long enough to fit your rist.

Step 11: Now That It Geting Long Enough

it should start to get long like this if not you did somthing wrong, go back and repet the steps.

Step 12: Heres How You Take It Off

now go under and grab the bottom band and pull it to the top like the first few steps. 

Step 13: At the End

it should look like this, attach you c clip or s clip to finish your braclet

Step 14: ENJOY


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