How to Make the Floral Lace Dress




Introduction: How to Make the Floral Lace Dress

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This adorable double layer dress has a feel of a romantic summer, besides of beeing trendy you could also wear it with a pair of heels.
Perfect for a day time look.


Este adorable vestido de doble tela tiene un aire romántico, aparte de estar a la moda también puedes vestirlo con un par de zapatos altos. Perfecto para lucirlo de día!

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Step 1: You Will Need

If you do decided to make this, you will need these materials: lace, jersey, measuring tape, pins, sewing machine, chalk or pencil, scissors, a top.


Si decides realizarlo, necesitaras estos materiales: encaje, jersey, máquina de coser, cinta métrica, tiza o lapiz, tijera, alfileres, y un top para usarlo de guía.

Step 2: First Step

Picture #1: Put the top on the fabric, so you can use it as a mold

                  Coloca el top encima dela tela, para poder usarla de molde

Picture #2 and Picture #3: Now measure from the neckline until the length you desire

                                                Ahora mide desde el cuello hasta el largo que deseas para el vestido.

Picture #4 and Picture #5: start drawing the shape/mold of the dress

                                               Empieza a dibujar la forma/molde del vestido.

Picture #6 and Picture #7: Pin the fabric together and cut the shape you just draw

                                                Ajusta con los alfileres la tela, luego corta la forma que acabas de dibujar.

Picture #8: it will look like this :)

                     Te quedará así :)

Step 3: Second Step

Picture #8: See how I did a hem for the straps and neckline, do the same with pins.

                     Mira como realice el dobladillo en las tiras y cuello, haz lo mismo con los alfileres.

Picture #9 and Picture #10: Choose the zigzag stitch to sew this part

                                                  Elige coser con la puntada zigzag para esta parte

Picture #11 and Picture #12 and Picture #13: After you're done, sew the straps and both sides of the dress

                                                    después de terminar esa parte, cose los tirantes a ambos lados del vestido.

Step 4: Third Step

Now repeat the same steps I did before. Ahora repite los mismos pasos que otro vestido.

Picture #14 and Picture #15 and Picture #16: Fold the lace above the dress and cut the excedent fabric.

                                                    Dobla el encaje y coloca encima del vestido, luego corta la tela exedente.

Picture #17 and Picture #18: Cut the shape of the other dress, then pin the lace so you can sew later on.

                                                     Corta el mismo modelo que el otro vestido, luego con lo alfileres asegura el encaje para poder coser luego.

Picture #19 Picture #21 and Picture #22: make the same steps, the hem and sew the both sides.

And you're done! :D
Y ya terminaste! :D

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Where do you get your fabric? The fabric you use is just so beautiful! Also, what type of fabric is best for making dresses?