How to Make the Letters a and Z


2: 90 degree elbow
2: T connectors
4: 4in. PVC 
2: 6 in. PVC

2: 90 degree elbow
2: 45 degree elbow
2: 2 in PVC
2: 6 in PVC
1: 9 in PVC

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather all materials for making the letter A

Step 2: Top of A

Take the two 90 degree elbows, and place the 6 in. PVC into both connectors. 

Step 3: Legs of A

Take two 4 in. PVC and connect it to the bottom parts of the 90 degree elbow.

Step 4: T Connector

Take the two T connectors and connect both to the 4 in. PVC making the side outlet stick towards each other (in the middle). 

Step 5: Connect It All

Take two more 4 in. PVC and put them into the bottom part of the T connector. This will create the bottom part of your leg. 

Step 6: AAAAA

Place the 6 in. PVC into the middle side outlets, making it officially an A. 

Step 7: MAKING a Z

Gather materials to make the Z. 

Step 8: Top of Z

Take the 6 in. PVC and the 90 degree elbow. Connect both of them. 

Step 9: 45 45 45

Take the 2in PVC and the 45 degree elbow. Connect the 2 in PVC and place it into the 90 elbow, as well as the 45 degree elbow. 

Step 10: ZIG ZAG

Take the 9in PVC and stick it into the 45 degree elbow.

Step 11: 45 90

Take the 45 degree elbow, and stick it into the 9 in PVC. Then take the 2in PVC and place it into the 45 degree elbow, and then place the 90 degree elbow on the other side of the 2in PVC. 

Step 12: Lastly...

Take the 6in PVC and place it into the 90 degree elbow, finally creating the Z. 

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