How to Make the Letters F and the Letter X Out of PVC Pipe

Materials :

- PVC Pipe
-90 degree elbow connectors
-T- connectors 
-45 degree elbow connectors
- 4 pieces of 1/2 pvc pipe

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Step 1: The Letter F

-gather a 90 degree elbow, a t-connector, a 8 inch pipe, two 4 inch pipes and one 2 inch pipe

-insert the 2 inch pipe into the 90 degree elbow. 

-add the t-connector to the other end of the two inch pipe.

-insert the 8 inch pipe into the end of the t-connector

-now insert the 2 inch pipes into the 90 degree elbow and the side outlet of the t-connector

*all pipe should be 1/2 inch*

Step 2: Letter X Intro

Materials :
-four 45 degree elbows
-2 t-connectors
-5 3/4 inch 

Step 3: The Letter X

-take one of your 45 degree elbows and insert one of the 3/4 inch pieces into the end --  make sure you hold the 45 so it makes a backwards C shape

-insert a t connector with the side outlet pointing to the right 

-insert a 3/4 inch piece into the side outlet on the t

-add a 45 degree elbow to the piece

-insert another 3/4 inch piece into the third side of the t connector

-connect another t  *with the side outlet facing the left*  to the bottom of the first t connector

-add a 3/4 piece to both remaining sides of the t connector

-add a 45 degree elbow to the bottom of the t  * make sure the 45 makes a regular  C shape *

-add your last 45 degree elbow to the side outlet of the t connector  * make sure it points upwards *

Step 4: You Can Now Make the Letters F and X With PVC Pipe !

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