How to Make the Mighty Steampunk Pocket Piano



Introduction: How to Make the Mighty Steampunk Pocket Piano

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I got the Idea for a mini pocket piano when I was fiddling around with a old music box that I was working on, I found that if you plucked one of the metal teeth you can make a sound just like the indents on the circular music cylinder that plays it. it can fit in your pocket and can keep you entertained while on break from tinkering, resting in your captains quarters, or even at the learning facility of school.

Step 1: Supplies

to make the mini piano your gonna need, A old wind up music box, leather/fabric, a piece of metal (I found a copper piece but you can easily make the same thing and I'll show you how), Pliers, a hot glue and a hot glue gun. NOT SHOWN, metal cutting scissors, a screwdriver that fits the screws of your music box, sharp screw, a pencil, and bits and pieces from anywhere. OPTIONAL, Drill, Wood Stain, Copper sheet, wood burner.

Step 2: Make Your Finger Stylus/plucker

To play your instrument you need a stylus/plucker that fits on your pointer finger (or whatever finger you feel like using). to make this you need to get your piece of metal and pliers, also get some metal cutting scissors, But PLEASE be careful and mind your fingers so you don't have to get a stylus for your nubs. 1st take the piece of metal and cut it into a rectangle about 2-2 1/2 inches long and 1/2 an inch in width, now cut one side to make it triangular and make it sharp and leave the other side flat, now cut the side with the tip and cut it 1 1/2 inches length wise (making sure that you leave room on the other side to be flat. 2nd take your pliers and bend the pointed side in the center so it can pluck and not bend. 3rd Give your flat part a bend enough that it can fit on your finger nicely.

Step 3: Dissasemble the Music Box

Take your music box, pliers, and screwdriver. Now take your screw driver and unscrew every screw on the music box (if I say screw anymore I think I'll loose it). now strip everything from the box with your pliers (be sure to keep everything it may come in handy one day for another one of your steampunk creations. but all you really want is the metal teeth and the screws, there is a picture down below.

Step 4: Putting Your Teeth the The Wood

Take your metal teeth and your original screws and take your piece of wood/box, and pencil. Now take the pencil and mark where your putting the screws (make sure that the metal teeth are on the right side so you can play it (there is a picture below). Now take the screws and use them to drill a hole in the wood, if you have a drill just use a bit for this job but I don't have one so I am using the screws, take the metal teeth and screws and screw it in.

Step 5: Finishing the Stylus/plucker

Take your stylus/plucker, and get a strip of leather/fabric, and get your hot glue gun. 1st take the stylus/plucker and fabric and line the leather/fabric up to the inside where it bends. 2nd hot glue one end of the leather/fabric to one side. 3rd put the stylus/plucker on your finger, Now take the other end of the strip of leather/fabric, and glue it making it snug on your finger but not so much that it cuts off circulation.

Step 6: Making the Piano Look Pretty, and Adding Class

Now take you piano and get your doodads (random parts), get your glue gun. I used some wood stain and some old parts from the basement and a wood burner to make my lovely piano. I also put little wood feet on it to give it elevation I also gave it a little plucker/stylus holder which can be made with a little hindge, and a little metal fork with two teeth.

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