How to Make Use of Stuff From a Broken Printer




Introduction: How to Make Use of Stuff From a Broken Printer

Generally, when a printer stops working, we buy a new one and trash the broken one.  We barely bother to check whether we can use its working part to make something new.  There are various components in a broken printer like motors, gears, precision rod, speaker and several other components that we can use for various purposes, and that cost a lot if we buy them from other sources. The follow tutorial will show you how to break apart HP Officejet All in one printer and grab the printer head frame to build XY axis for the 3D printer.

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Step 1:

1. First of all pull the paper tray out of the printer. Press the cover release button and open the top cover. Basically take apart the top covering part of the printer which consist of cover lids and scanner parts.

Step 2:

2. Unscrew the tray for the flatbed scanner and remove the scanner glass. At this point you will be able to see the inner parts of the printer.

Step 3:

3. Disconnect the main circuit board wires and pull it out. Disassemble the speaker and other various components attached to it. You can use the speaker for the sound system.

Step 4:

4. Disassemble the printing head unit. Be careful while unscrewing it so that you will not hurt the precision rod and motor that is attached to the head unit frame.

Step 5:

5. We do not need the circuit board from the head frame unit. There might be a way you could get it off without cutting it or breaking it.
Finally we extracted the printer head frame attached to the precision rod and has motor in it. We can use this part to build XY axis for the 3D printer.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent - we love to see old printers disposed of responsibly!

    Pere Roura
    Pere Roura

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Any second life for anything is allways good for everithing else.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    My 9 year old HP all-in-one just packed up, and I'm looking for ways to take advantage of it. Thanks for the advice.