How to Make Waffle Pb+j.




Introduction: How to Make Waffle Pb+j.

Yeah It sounds wierd..... WAFFLES? and peanut butter? and JELLY? Dude like wt fudge right. Well you are wrong, waffled PBJ is about the best thing ever, and I give all the credit to my mom who randomly made it for breakfast. Yeah its awesome, and EASY to make mmkay? lets get started people.
EDIT: this is my first REAL instructable, and people aren't rating it too high, if you do rate this a 3 or below PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

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Step 1: The Ingredients

This is pretty easy (can you follow meh? mmkay)
     2 Eggo Waffles
     Jelly (your fav kind, I prefer Smuckers grape)
     Peanut butter
     A toaster
     Trusty peanut butter knife and Jelly spoon

Step 2: Toast Your EGGO

This step is fairly easy, and self explanitory
For those who are bakingly challengedededed, heres what you do
Turn your toaster to a medium-high setting
Place Eggo inside your toaster
Push the thingie down, and watch to make sure it crisps to perfection

Step 3: Spread Peanut Butter

Use a knife (or spoon if your peanut butter is liquidy)
and spread the peanut butter all over one of the waffles

Step 4: Spoon on the Jelly

Spoon a good helping of jelly ontu the other waffle

Step 5: Put It Together

Now put the jellyed side of your one waffle on top of the peanut buttered side of your the other waffle.

Step 6: Eat

See above

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I didnt rate it because I was looking for waffle recipes. If you think egos are good, try your sandwich made with real waffles. Hot out of the waffle iron. Oh yeah!!