How to Make White Trash!




Introduction: How to Make White Trash!

This is a very quick and yummy desert to make for any occasion! This takes about 15 min to put all together and then 30 min for it to harden! Within 45 min you could have a delicious desert everyone will love!

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Step 1: Get Everything You Will Need

For this you will need a pot, oven, wax paper, stirring utensil, M&Ms, pretzels, and two bags of white chocolate. You should first get them all out!

Step 2: Dump Both Bags of Chocolate Into Pot

You should dump both bags into a pot that is on an oven at medium heat. Stir often.

Step 3: Mix the Pretzels and M&Ms Together

Take your pretzels and M&Ms and toss them together in the bowl you will be stirring in.

Step 4: Dump Chocolate Onto Pretzel Mix

Use a rubber scraper to get all the chocolate out of the pot and onto the pretzels.

Step 5: Stir Together Well

Mix until all pretzels are well covered.

Step 6: Dump Onto Wax Paper

Dump all contents onto wax paper.

Step 7: Flatten

Then flatten out as best as you can! Wait 30 min for the chocolate to harden then break it up and enjoy!

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