How to Make Your Teacher Mad

I came up with this idea because in my animation class, me and some of my friends like to fool around and that makes our teacher mad. So I thought I would somehow turn that into a project, and these are some of the jokes that we play. I would only try this with teachers that can take a joke. Besides, if you check our project brief, our teacher is the one who told us to complete a satirical instructable. Be careful what you ask for Mr Noack.

So, here are the top 5 ways to make your teacher mad.

Step 1: Number 5: Drawing the Teacher

In our animation rooms we have white boards all around, and when we get bored and lazy, we grab markers and start drawing. At first we didn't draw the teacher but after seeing how easy it would be to draw him we decided to try it. After drawing him in a cartoon way we added a few new things. Our animation teacher thought it was wasting the markers but I turned a random doddle into a class project. So it's not a waste after all.

Step 2: Number 4: Sneaking Around

In our animation class we have three different rooms attached to one another, and we army crawl and sneak through all the different rooms. We usually do this to scare others in the class or catch them doing something funny or embarrassing. Usually we don't do this but when we cant think of anything we just sneak around. 

Step 3: Number 3: Bedtime

 On Mondays instead of doing work we mostly just chill out and sleep. Even though we should be working in class, we do this because were tired or to make the teacher mad.

Step 4: Number 2: Fun With Tape

So the one thing we usually do in animation class is fool around with tape. I know this might sound really stupid or child-like but its fun and keeps everyone laughing and smiling. So we take the tape and wrap it around two people. You can even try taping someone to a chair or wall. We love using tape because its just to fun to watch someone try and get out of the tape. It's best to try this when a supply teacher is covering your class. They're usually not concerned about the tape budget.

Step 5: Number 1: Texting

In our animation class the one thing that we always do is text. This really makes all of our teachers mad. No matter how much trouble we get into we never stop pulling our phones out and texting. The last thing that really makes our teacher mad is poor spelling and grammar in our instructables. This is why I left my account open and my teacher is actually the one writing these sentences. He is the best teacher ever!!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my your teacher must shake his head at you guys daily. I must assume he has a sense of humor or there is no way you would even get buy with the project. ;-) Thanks for the smile.

    2 replies

    Yeah he shakes his head a lot lol, but our teacher does have a sense of humor, and probably one of little teachers who do


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Convince your teacher that you'll be earning twice as much as them before you are their age now (if you can...)