How to Make Your Easter Egg Last Forever! One Easy Step.

Introduction: How to Make Your Easter Egg Last Forever! One Easy Step.

Have you ever made a kick-awesome Easter Egg only to be forced to watch it rot? Or maybe you decided to eat it, with tears of remorse streaming down your face, making it taste too salty.

Well dry your eyes and get ready to slap your forehead in amazement, because making an egg last indefinitely is really easy.

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Step 1: Don't Do Anything.

All you do is dye your egg raw instead of boiling it first. Many people don't realize that if you just leave an egg in a cool dry place, it will just dry up in its shell and be preserved for years and years.

The idea that a raw egg will rot is true but misleading; if you hold it to your nose and smell it after a few weeks, it might smell funny, but eventually the smell will go away as the yolk and white dry up. In the meantime keep your egg from cracking and the smell will be almost unnoticeable.

I don't know why most people boil their eggs; maybe they're afraid of it cracking and making a mess or maybe they want to eat them later. But if you cook it, it won't last.

Step 2: Other Tips

-Don't let your egg crack, especially while its drying. It could stink up your house.

-I'm told the egg will continue drying for years. Not important, but interesting.

-Once the inside dries up, you can cover it with a lacquer or varnish to further preserve it and make it shiny.

-The dried up white and yolk will still be inside and stuck to the inside of the egg. This means that your egg will be slightly weighted on one side. This can make it difficult to display on some sides if the egg is sitting on a hard flat surface Keep this in mind when you choose which side to leave it on while it dries.

-The best place that I have found to do this is the cellar. It should be dry and well ventilated and somewhere that it won't be disturbed by people or animals.

-Enjoy! Hopefully this will be useful info for the winner of the eggbot!

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    7 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey! We do Ukrainian Easter Eggs too! Nice write up. Let me know if you want to get together for a colaborative egg session this spring.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I eggcidentally forgot to give away a half-dozen eggs last fall before I went to Mexico. They stayed refrigerated for 6 months, but they are/were basicly useless... until now!

    So many interesting ideas for decorating in this contest... I can eggcorporate the ideas and have a lasting eggzample with this simple procedure.

    You get one of MY votes!

    High Five!!!


    how many weeks till there is no smell and this happens, and bacteria wise is it still sanitary?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Both good questions, and I don't know the answer to either of them! (sorry.)

    I would guess 6 to 12 months before the smell is completely undetectable. But I have never been able to smell them at all without lifting them right up to my nose and taking a big old snootful.

    As to when they become sanitary, I couldn't tell you, but I don't think they are dangerous at any point.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Since you're not eating them, I am supposing that you are correct. Since the egg is partially sealed (commercial egg production removes the "bloom" thereby making the egg semi permeable to bacteria etc.) it shouldn't smell too bad and it won't hurt anything. I wouldn't drop it while it's smelling though. Rotten eggs stink when broken!!!

    The insides are NOT edible after this process, in case anyone wants to know.