How to Make Your Home Stereo's Wiring a Little More Durable

Introduction: How to Make Your Home Stereo's Wiring a Little More Durable

So this all started at about 6:45am (cause i was board and awake) anyhow I had a LAN party coming up and I was thinking about bringing my home stereo to the party but its kind of problematic with the really flimsy wiring.  So I said (Hey I haz The P0wer of z Ethernet cable!!1!) *slaps self for typing in 1337* .... ok not like that but close. any how to show you what I did and how ....go to the next page! (just a suggestion) XD

yay for sporadic thinking

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Step 1: What Ye Need Yo!

Ok so you need the flowing t00ls:

soldering iron (dur)
solder (durdur)
wire cutters/strippers
flat-blade screwdriver
punch-down tool
glue gun (option) 
glue (option)
Knife (option)
pliers (option)

heres the part list:
Five Surface Mount Housing, 2-Port for networking jacks
Six cat5 (or cat5e,cat6) [I used cat 5 cause there old and i had a bunch]
some Ethernet cable (what ever length you want)

note: if you want to make your own Ethernet cable I will have some picks up you will just need to get the parts and tools

ok next page

Step 2: Feel the BASS!!

lets start with the sub, mark one of the wires so we don't mix them up. (you will be sad other wise) then cut said wires to desired length and get your Ethernet box and jack. 
so before i go any further there is a reason why I selected four specific wires.


Said reason is if I were to plug say a crossover cable in instead of just a regular patch cable, It will still work XD

any how the way I wired it was 

sub audio

the color is black/gray & gray for both ..... sucks
with Brown/White & Brown

then sub control was Blue/white & white 

yay now its only one cable instead of two crappy cables 

Charge on to phase 2 

Step 3: L & R ?

So for the wire job i used one set of colors for left and the other for right


brown/white & brown


blue/white & blue

so that no one can screw it up ....

lets start:

cut wire to length you want, then strip it (dur) solder coat it.
now put into cat jack punch down using the punch-down tool repeat process for other jacks mount on back of speakers.

for the plugs on the stereo look at the pics to see what I did

then after its all done *dance*

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    3 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 3

    This is a very thought out process and neat too!
    Well done! I like it!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is actually a good way to not only prolong the lofe of your cabling, but also make super easy to remember what line goes to what speaker and easier to connect and disconnect. One tip for make the connections less bulky on the speaker end, you can use Panduit connectors. They are a lot smaller but perform the same function.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yr right on the less bulky but i just used what i had around at the time thanks for the suggestion thought. :)