How to Make Your Hood Switch Turn on Your Underhood Lights (Dodge Charger)

In this instructable I will be showing you how your hood switch can trigger your underhood lights. I will be installing LED's for my new KillerGlass. This mod is being done on a 2009 Dodge Charger R/T but should work for Challengers, Maggies and 300's, possibly other Mopars as well.

*note* By doing this mod, your car will think the hood is closed regardless of the position of the hood; therefore, this mod will allow your Charger to remote start with the hood open.

Things you will need:
The usual tools (crimpers, x-acto knife, screwdrivers, 13mm socket)
1(one) - 1K resistor
Electrical connectors
Heat shrink tubing

Lets get started...

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Step 1:

Remove the fasteners holding this grille; remove the grille as well.

Step 2:

Remove this bolt using a 13mm.

Step 3:

Pull this unit out as far as possible. Remove the switch as I have done below.

Step 4:

Cut both of these wires (black&purple/ about 1.5” from the plug..

Step 5:

Take the black wire coming from the car and crimp a resistor together as shown below.

Step 6:

Now take the purple wire and connect it to the other end of the resistor. Once done, heat shrink the whole assembly to protect the resistor.

Step 7:

Like I said, be sure to shrink tube the whole thing as to protect the resistor. Now connect the plug as shown. The purple wire from the plug will now connect to the negative side of the LED’s; I will be using about three feet of white wire for this.

Step 8:

Look in the end of the plunger and you will see a resistor, using an x-acto knife, cut it out.

Step 9:

Put the whole unit back together leaving your new wire exposed.

Step 10:

I need to run my wire to the fuse box area, follow the pictures below to see how to run it through the body. It helps to have a roll of solder to pull the wire through. Once done you can replace the small grille.

Step 11:

I am connecting my white wire to the negative of my LED’s.

Step 12:

I’ve connected the positive from my LED’s to the fuse box. At this point my LED’s come on.

Step 13:

Test by pressing the switch to make sure the lights turn off. Now you're done! 

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    4 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This may be "old school", but I wired in 1/2 of a house AC/ temp (mercury) switch. this is wired to a 12 v. light mounted wherever. This works the same as new cars / trucks factory lighting. My older trucks didn't come with this feature. The mercury switch is availible at many places. Also works on truck topper rear (lift) windows.


    9 years ago on Step 10

    I must be really stoopid. I have two Dodge vans--89 and 95. With both of them, the underhood light goes on when I raise the hood. They came that way. In fact, I took out the bulbs years ago because the light tends to blind me. I use a flashlight if I have to go underhood after dark.

    I thought all cars with underhood lights had switches to turn them on. So if this car already HAS an underhood light, AND an underhood switch, why would one have to modify the switch to turn on the light???

    Please clue me in.

    --Dumb and Dumber


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 6

    Yea, cause after all I'm going to get out the soldering supplies just to make this one connection :l