How to Make Your Nails Look Professionally Painted




Supplies Needed 
1. Basic manicure set
2. Nail buffer 
3. Nail Polish Remover (if needed)
4. Nail Laquer (any color is fine)
5. Cotton Pads 

 Steps to doing you're nails 
1. Remove all nail polish you had on with nail polish remover with the cotton pads 
2. Push back your nail cuticle with a cuticle stick carefully back into the nail bed 
3. Buff your nails sliding the buffer back and forth on your nail until your nails are completely smooth 
4. Take a nail cleaner and get all dirt from underneath your nails and push back the cuticle until it is even across the nail 
5. Cut your nails to the desired length either straight across or rounded
6. Then take a nail file and file your nails to smooth over any sharp edges 
7. If you need to wash your nails off, do that now! 
8. Start at the center/middle of the nail. Push Lacquer back to the cuticle , and pull the brush forward slowly. (you will repeat this step with every stroke) 
9. Then repeat step until every nail is fully covered in lacquer. (if you make any mistakes, its okay!)
10. Repeat steps nine and ten until all ten fingers are covered in lacquer
11. Any mistakes? Take your cuticle stick and fix anything thats not perfect! 



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