How to Make Your Own Cthulhu Plushie




Introduction: How to Make Your Own Cthulhu Plushie

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If you enjoy H.P Lovecraft's works or just want a miniature version of the Great Old One itself, you can now make your own!

Step 1:

For this project, you will need the following:

  • Dark Green Fabric
  • Green Felt
  • Black Buttons
  • Sewing needle
  • Dark Green Thread
  • Poly-Fil
  • Cotton Balls
  • White and Black Charcoal
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Safety Pins
  • Scissors

Step 2:

Fold the fabric in half.
With a ruler, measure out width-wise a foot of fabric. Make a line to mark the foot length and cut vertically up so length wise you get 3 feet of fabric and a width that is a foot long.

Step 3:

With white charcoal, draw the design for the head by drawing a large circle and 3 smaller circles for the tentacles.

Step 4:

Cut out the head design. To ensure that both sides of the fabric stay in place, secure each tentacle with a safety pin as well as the upper portion of the head with a safety pin.

Step 5:

Begin sewing by starting at the top part of one of the tentacles (or top part of the head) and work around sewing the entire cutout. You will want to make sure to leave at least a two inch opening on the other side of the cutout to fill it with Poly-Fil.

Step 6:

Turn the head cutout inside out and use the black charcoal to mark points to sew on the buttons.

Step 7:

Pull needle through one side of the fabric where the point is located and sew on a button on each point.

Step 8:

After sewing on the button eyes, fill in the head cut out. If you'd like for the tentacles to be a bit more rigid, you can stuff with pieces of cotton ball first before filling.

Step 9:

After filling, sew up the opening of the head.

Step 10:

Next, draw a body outline. Like with the head's tentacles, use safety pins for each limb to ensure that both sides of fabric stay in place. Cut out the body outline and begin sewing at the arm and all around the body, leaving a two inch opening at the top.

Step 11:

Turn the body cutout inside out. Like with the tentacles, you can stuff the limbs first with cotton ball. Fill the body cutout will Poly-Fil. After filling, sew up the opening of the body and make sure that the top part isn't completely stuffed. You will want to have a bit of a flap to sew the head on.

Step 12:

Sew the head onto the top part of the body. It will look like this afterwards and not only give it the appearance of tentacles "overlapping" the body, but will allow it to lay on its stomach.

Step 13:

With felt and black charcoal, draw an outline for a wing and cut it out. Overlap the wing on top of another piece of felt and secure with a safety pin. Cut the felt around the wing to make the other pair of the wing.

Step 14:

Sew both wings on each side of the body's "neck".

Step 15:

And finished! :D

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I am glad you enjoyed this craft. :) I'd really like to
    see how your plushie comes out as well when you finish! :D