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Introduction: How to Make Your Own Lego Santa

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For secret Santa this year, team sugru all made each other presents that used sugru - this little Santa LEGO man was made by Ben and instantly became one of our favourites.

So we thought we'd show you how to make one yourself, ready to hang on the christmas tree.

Step 1: Create Santa's Coat

- If you have a red lego body then lucky you! Go to the next step!

- We used a red paint pen to create Santa's famous red coat. Two coats should do it. (A permanent marker should work fine too).

* TOP TIP - click Santa onto a separate LEGO brick. It makes it stable and much easier to handle.

Step 2: Build His Belly

- All those mince pies have got to go somewhere.

- To make the belly take about one third of a minipack of sugru and roll it into a small ball. Squidge it onto his body - be careful to leave room for his arms to move freely.

- Roll a small sausage of sugru to create his chest.

- Put the remaining sugru to one side, you will need it later.

Step 3: Add Clothing Details

- Roll out a little bit of white sugru to form a very thin white sausage. Use this to create the trim of Santa's coat and cuffs.

* TOP TIP - we used a shaping tool to do the cuffs, as they can be a bit fiddly.

Step 4: Make His Beard

- Now for the beard...using little pieces of white sugru, start to build up Santa's beard.

* TOP TIP - start with the first piece in the middle and build it up, piece by piece, getting smaller as you get to the sides.

- Then roll two thin pieces of sugru for the moustache.

* TOP TIP - remember, click Santa onto a separate LEGO brick. It makes it stable and much easier to handle as you build up the sugru.

Step 5: Make His Hair

- Create his hair in the same way you made the beard, . Building it up one piece at a time. Getting smaller as you reach the face.

Step 6: Make His Hat

- Make a loop of string and tie the ends together. Then, using the leftover red sugru, smudge it into part of the string - this will help it bond better.

- Make a basic hat shape using half a pack of red sugru, then flatten it.

- Press the string into the flattened sugru, then wrap the sugru around it and shape it.

- Squish it onto Santa's head.

- Add the white trim and the bobble.

- Leave to cure for 24 hours and he will be ready for the tree!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    wow, not only is this absolutely adorable, but the instructions are extremely well written and clearly illustrated. thanks!