How to Make Your Own Butane Torch

I've been wanting to make a flamethrower for a while now, but I've never been able to find a good instructable on how to make a small, efficient, cheap and easy to make one. So I figured I'd want to try my shot at making my own.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything you do with this item, it is dangerous and has an open flame so please watch out for yourselves and for other people aswell.

P.S : This is my first instructable too!

Step 1: Getting Started

First of all you'll need a few items to get started:

- Most importantly, you need a butane refill, I bought mine at a dollar store for a buck, make sure its the kind that releases butane gas, liquid won't work, they should have a metal tip that when inserted into a lighter releases the gas.

- You also need a pen, we'll the pen's ink tube. This tube should be roughly the same diameter as the butane refill's release tube.

- Some electrical tape

- A small washer, about half an inch of diameter, with the smallest hole possible, but make sure the small hole fits over the refill's butane release.

- A metal tube, the same diameter as the washer, about an inch and a half long. Mine was a bolt cover I found in my garage.

- Scissors

- Hot glue

Step 2: Making the Gas Tube.

Ok now that you've got all the materials needed we first need to make the tube that lets the gas release longer. To do this we'll need to cut about an inch long off the pen's ink tube, make sure the is no ink left in the section you'll cut or it'll spill everywhere.

Now take the butane refill and put the ink tube on top of the metal tip, they should have about the same diameter. Now cut a piece of tape and wrap it around, wrap it tightly because we really don't want to have any leaks, that's why electrical tape is good, as it can stretch to fill the gaps. Put a few layers and your good to go.

Step 3: Making the Metal Tip

Now since having a plastic tip isn't too practical we'll need to add some metal. Take the washer, and make sure it still fits over the ink tube. Now add an other few layers of tape so that the washer gets jammed and can't move down anymore. The washer should be about 1 cm from the base of the refill. make sure it's well secured and then add a bit of hot glue under the washer so that it is firmly stuck to the electrical tape.

At this point you REALLY don't want to have any leaks, because leaks will catch fire... which is not good, if you care for your safety that is. So you can test if it all works well by pressing down on the release, let it flow for about a second or two... if there are any cold spots around the base of the release make sure they are sealed properly. There should be no gas flow outside of the pen tube. Good. Now lets move on.

Now add a layer of hot glue on the top of the washer, all around it, and add the metal tupe to it so that it is secured into position. When it all dries the metal tube should be a little higher then the plastic tube, this makes sure the plastic ink tube won't melt and the flame won't go down lower then the metal tube.

You now have your basic flamethrower

Step 4: Firing

Firing the flamethrower is quite simple, all you need to is how the butane refill in your hand and have the metal tip in between your thumb and your index finger so that you are able to press down on the tip to release some gas. Then with your other hand hold a lighter and put the flame over the butane jet to light it. Watch out as the flame can go quite far.

Also if you like you can get an electric peso lighter from any BBQ lighter and tape it to your torch so that the spark it creates will light the gas. I can give information on how to do that if anyone has trouble with this part.



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