How to Make Your Own Fitting Harem Pants and Top



Introduction: How to Make Your Own Fitting Harem Pants and Top

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This is another summer look, very easy to do! So let's begin!

You will need.
  1. Fabric: cotton jersey, lycra or cottton
  2. Scissors
  3. Elastic band
  4. Pins
  5. chalk
  6. Sweing machine
  7. Tape measure

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Step 1: First Step

Measure from your waist to above the ankle. Mark this on the fabric, this will be the length of the pants.

Cut the excedent, as well the other edge of the fabric. Fold the fabric as you can see in the picture.

Now pin all the edges of the fabric and measure you waist line but before you mark this, you should mark exactly the middle ans then mark your measures with chalk.

Draw as you can see in the pictures the shape of the pant, then measure te end of your legs also from your waist to the knees, and mark on the fabric, That will help you to finish the pattern of the pants. After you'r done pin and cut the shape then sew it together.

To finish the pants do the hems of the end and for put the elastic on the waist, and sew :)

Step 2: Second Step

Now let's do the top!

Fold the fabric by the length you want, cut the excedent.

Measure your bust line and mark on the fabric and draw the shape. Cut the excedent and sew.

To give finishing touch on the middle of the top sew an elastic band to get that look. Remember to sew the stich zig zag for the elastic!

Is quite bohemian but with the right accessories you'll look stylish!

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