How to Make Your Own Megaman Armcannon

Introduction: How to Make Your Own Megaman Armcannon

whether you enjoy the classic or modern interpitations of games like Mega Man or Metroid, the thought of having a butt-kicking armcannon has enticed many of us. Now, with a few household items, you and your children can live the fun and adventure even when you're not actually playing!

You Will Need:
-A plastic jug or two (note in the picture I'm using a punch jug)
-An Exacto knife or other sharp, sturdy cutting implement
-Newspaper orFurniture Foam
-Paint & other design knick-knacks
-Hot Glue or Duck Tape
-Hair Dryer on High

Step 1: Step One: Finding the Right Jug...

Depending on your target user(s), find an appropriate jug or two to serve as the shell of the cannon. Something tall and cylinder-like
example: a 2-liter soda bottle, but here I'm using an old Hawaiian Punch Gallon jug.

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting & Shaping

When you've selected you target jug & user, take your Xacto knife (reccomended), and CAREFULLY cut out the hole where the users arm is gonna go (NOTE: I know I kinda glossed over this part, but you should DEFINETLY soften the cut edges to keep things comfy , I suggest hot glue, but I'll wager a hot hair dryer would work, too).If you have a different shape in mind for your armcannon, DON'T be nervous! Take other jugs, and cut or  otherwise splice your way to your desired design.

Step 3: Step 3: Padding

Now for any model of prop armcannon, padding is a must. Here, I've used newspaper, but if you have access to say, furniture foam, all the better. Whatever you use,pack to ensure a a firm, yet comfy fit so the cannon moves with your arm fluidly.

Step 4: Step 4: PAINT THAT MO-FO!!!

Once you have your desired armcannon shape,remove the padding, paint &detail the armcannon however you like! As you can see here, I'm doing the classic blue Mega Buster from MegaMan, but if you have something more original in mind, go for it!

Step 5: FINAL STEP: Repad & Enjoy!

When you're finally satisfied with your design, reapply your padding, put it on, and weird out everybody in your neighborhood even more than usual!!

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