How to Make Your Own Mobile Bicycle Pump.



Introduction: How to Make Your Own Mobile Bicycle Pump.

Ever gotten into situations where you wished you had your big and bulky all-purpose pump to pump your bike? Tried using one of those portable bicycle pumps that just don't pump your bike? That's because they lack a central pin to push the air-flow stopper in your tires so that you can pump air.

I'm going to teach you guys how to make a simple and easy mobile pump for relatively cheap.

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Step 1: What You Need.

Easily the simplest DIY project you'll ever get - pun intended. You can finish this in 30 minutes or less.

You'll need:

1) An old all-purpose pump that has problems. You'll just need the "head" of the pump. (You can find these at bicycle repair stations or whatever local super/hyper market you have in your neighborhood.)

2) One of those cheap ball pumps. The small mobile ones. (costs about $5-10)

3) (Optional) A pair of pliers.

Step 2: Pulling the Plug...

I mean it, although what you are pulling isn't really a plug.

Get the pump. Now look at the end where you stick stuff into, AKA the pump head.
You need this. It's attached to the rest of the pump though, so you'd have to pull it out.

Get the pliers, bend the metal keeping the pump head connected to the pipe, just compress it with the pliers. When you bend it, it'll go out of shaped and not hold the head so tightly, so that you can pull it out with your bare hands or with the pliers.

Either that or just rip the whole piece of metal out with the pliers, if you don't need the pipe anymore.

Keep the pump head, throw away the pump, unless you have other uses for it, or you can stuff the pipe with the pump head into the ball pump, which gives you a sort of extension cord to work with. No pics for that though, since different pumps have different diameter pipes.

Step 3: ...and Replacing It Elsewhere.

Now, you have the pump head, which contains the pin to push down onto your bicycle's tire pin so that you can pump air in.

Remember your ball pump? Go get that.

Back? Great. Now, I found that the ball pump' pin/head, whatever you call it, is universal - works on all balls (I know, I know... what else do I call them? Spheres?). Now, if you haven't already noticed, the pump head you have just severed has a small hole at its behind. That hole is also pretty much universal(well, I only dismantled three pumps of different brands and models and they were all the same).

Now, is so happens that the pump head's hole fits the ball pump pin almost perfectly, allowing an easy fit, and yet not allowing air to escape.

What are you waiting for? Push it in!

It was easy wasn't it? Now, you have your modified ball pump.

Step 4: Have Fun!

Note: This is a makeshift pump. It does its job well, but I cannot be held responsible for whatever goes wrong with it. DO NOT bend the ball pump pin when you have attached the pump head, for it can/would break and leave the pin irrecoverably stuck in the pump head. It is still recommended for you to get an actual pump.

Okay, ignore the above if you are lazy, but still, I cannot be held responsible for your problems. The pump works well, very well. It's small enough to carry everywhere, but good enough to pump nearly everything. Go have fun with it.

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