How to Make Your Spinners Better

In this instructable, I will show you ways to make your spinners spin longer, how to make them look cool, even teach you how to make spinners.

Step 1: Making Your Spinner.

Refer to the pictures to make the spinner.

Step 2: Color Design

Next, you need to have a cool design so it looks cool when it spins.

Step 3: Flower Shape

Now you can make a flower ish shape, this makes a tornado spinner.

Step 4: Pointy End

Turn your spinner around and make the tip of where it spins pointy.

Step 5: Hole

Now poke a hole in the center of the spinner.

Step 6: Testing

Now test your spinner. Does it spin better than before? Does it look cooler when it spins because of your cool design?

Step 7: Octagon (Optional)

For this part, you'll need

  • Scissors
  • Your best spinner

This part is easy. You just have to cut the corners.This will make the spinner more light weight and will make it spin longer.



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